More than 10 percent of NFL’s 2020 games out-rated the recent Oprah interview


Based on the social-media commentary, it seemed that everyone was watching the CBS broadcast eight days ago of the Oprah Winfrey interview of Meghan Markle and the Harry formerly known as Prince. Everyone wasn’t.

Via Peter King of Football Morning in America, the interview attracted an average audience of 17.8 million.

As noted by King, more than 10 percent of all 2020 regular-season games generated a larger audience than 17.5 million — 27 of the 256 games. Games that outperformed the interview include Cowboys-Rams (20-17 meh), Titans-Packers (40-14 slaughter), and Texans-Lions (41-25 tryptophan).

Also, most if not all of the 13 January postseason games generated dramatically larger numbers, too, with the Super Bowl scraping 100 million.

And that’s why the NFL will be announcing any day now massive new TV deals with its broadcast partners.